ObamaCare Kickoff! By How Much Will My Insurance Rates Drop?

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2013 at 11:48 pm

It’s a cool evening in Illinois.  I’m sitting here on the cold, metal stadium seating, typing by backlight of a laptop.  ObamaCare kicks off in less than an hour!  And perhaps the Federal Government partly shuts down.  Assuming he’s still on the team payroll at midnight, when the President steps forward, will he sky the pigskin to the seats?  Or will it be a squib kick, bouncing a few times before dying? 

Back in 2010, Obama promised I’d be able to keep my plan if I like it, keep my doctor, and my premiums would drop.  I’m so excited!  In just a few minutes, assuming the Illinois ObamaCare website actually works, I’ll see how much I will save!  Yes, there are many ‘glitches’ with the roll-out.  If I, say, wanted Spanish language enrollment in Nevada, mala suerte… hasta Thanksgiving.  Small business plans?  Oops, check back some other time.  But, here in this ‘blue’ wonderland we call Illinois, government healthcare looks as unstoppable as a three hundred pound lineman.

Check back for the latest in health care savings… brought to you by ObamaCare!

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